My Formula 5000

I am very happy to report to all of you that last night we have recovered
both cars. The March is untouched, My Father's Lola is fairly well
dismantled but complete. We will hopefully have it ready for the Brands
Hatch meeting in early July.

I can't give any further details at the moment due to there now being an
investigation, but I wanted to thank each and every one of you for the
helpful emails, posts, activity that you have carried out spreading the
word and even just the words of encouragement. It has meant so much to
all of us.

I have to say that the phone call I was able to make to my Father last
night was just fantastic! I know it helped him immensely over the last 3
weeks, knowing that all of you were out there helping.

                                                                          Bruce Fullerton


I wondered if you and your colleagues in the US could help us with a very
unfortunate incident.  My colleague Daryl Taylor and I have had a pair of
Formula Atlantic cars stolen from our premises last week.  Both cars
incidentally originated from America – Daryl’s March is the ex Howdy
Homes car and my Father’s Lola is ex Tim Coconis.  I wonder if you would
help us by circulating the information to anyone they know as we would
not want somebody buying stolen cars.  And if anyone if offered these
cars info back to us would be great.  We are offering a considerable
reward to get these back as they are both newly refurbished and ready
to go for the season.

Many thanks - Bruce


Terry Fullerton’s Lola T460 Chassis no. HU17

Daryl Taylor’s March 78B Chassis no 78B-8 (All the suspension
components are serial numbered for crack testing)

Both cars run distinctive maroon engine blocks on their BDA’s built by
Racing Fabrications.

Both cars are also running Hewland FT200 gearboxes. (March 78B
Gearbox is marked 782 MBR)

The cars were stolen from a workshop in the Yeovil area and were on
stands with NO WHEELS in the workshop.  

£10,000 reward for information leading to the cars return.

Please call Bruce Fullerton on 07712 885354

Bruce Fullerton  
Commercial Director
m: +44 (0) 7712 885 354
t: +44 (0) 8700 869 941
f: +44 (0) 8700 509 249
Terry Fullerton’s Lola T460
Chassis no. HU17
Daryl Taylor’s March 78B
Chassis no 78B-8